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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Signs of Spring, New arrivals and Some just passing through!!


Ring Quzel

Hen Harrier at Dusk
An Early Morning Chiff

A few birds from around my local patch over the Easter period. The Hen Harrier picture is of poor quality, due to light and distance. But it's nice just to see one, they always elude me!! One day i will get a decent picture. A bold Wheatear, we are now starting to see quite a number making there way in, this one was rather confident and let me get close. A Ring Quzel, not something we see very often but what a lovely Thrush it is, I think it's a Juv or Female?? And Finally a little ChiffChaff, great to see them arriving in greater numbers despite the wheather conditions, this one was singing it's charming song, a sure sign of spring.


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