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Sunday, 7 April 2013

A rather brisk walk on the Lizard!!

On a rather windy Sunday morning at 0700 Sarah and I headed off to the Lizard point to take part in our Volunteer work for the RSPB on the Cornish Chough watch. On route we spotted at full adult Hen harrier whilst crossing Goonhilly. On arrival at the point the wind was a rather cheeky 15-20 Mph, gusting 25 from South, South East straight at us, so for four hours it was rather emotional. We witnessed lots of Red-Billed-Chough activity around the point, followed by a male Kestrel attacking a Fulmar nest which was rather unexpected, the Fulmars saw it off rather swiftly. The resident Ravens were out in force with varying aeriel displays, always a pleasure to watch. Other Birds: Peregrine Falcon, Common Tern, Great Black Back, Jackdaw, Kestrel, Shag, Cormorants, and lots of Gannets diving for fish out at sea. Just in the last 30 minutes of our shift a little inquisitive stoat came out in search of a tasty rabbit and gave us a fun five minutes!! A first sighting for Sarah, all in all a successful mornings work.


  1. Good spot on the Stoat, so you working the Chough watch point this year?

  2. Cheers Bob, I helped last year and again this season. I see you've been busy lately? Lots of nice shots.


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