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Friday, 16 August 2013

Just a Few from our Holiday in Cape Verde (Sal)

Not Sure!!Saw this in the sand but it was quicker than me!! Any ideas??

Cape Verde Sparrow (Female)

Cape Verde Sparrow (Male)

I think Kentish Plover?

Kentish on the run, Notice the leg ring!!

Sarah and I headed off for a weeks sun in Cape Verde, (Sal). I decided to take my camera just in case I saw anything of particular note, only until later I found out it was one of only a few islands containing few birds..
I did see a distance brown booby and a Red-Billed Tropic bird, at least i think i did, also Cape Verde Swift and Little swift.
The Cape Verde Sparrow and Cape verde swift are endemic to the Islands, so a first and possibly last for me. All in all good holiday for Sun, Sea, and all incllusive!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Saturday Windy Walk on the Cliffs....

Six Spot Burnet Moth

Seven Spot Ladybird

Buff-tailed bumble bee

Red Campion, I think ??

I think its a Large Skipper!! Anybody?

Large Skipper

Atlantic Grey Bull Seal
Common Spotted Orchid


After a heavy night out in Falmouth for Pub golf with friends, Sarah and I were in much need of some fresh air.
Gale force winds were a little excessive, but despite the wind a walk was on the cards. Trying to photograph insects and flowers with high winds is not easy but i think i managed to pull off a few decent shots.

Whilst Sarah sheltered from the heavy rain shower which appeared from nowhere, I spent around twenty minutes with three seals which appeared to be having some fun fishing and chilling out; lovely!!!

The Six Spot Burnet moth is one of the few day flying moths; it is very common and found around damp meadows.  They are beautifully coloured and very patient whilst being photographed.

Is the butterfly a Large Skipper or small???

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Evening on the Moor..



Heath Spotted Orchid, I Think??

The picture of the Nightjar was just by chance, it flew on to an old pine whilst i was eating my Pasty!! A first for me, not an easy bird to capture due to it's Nocturnal habits.. Very pleased, Beautiful bird not easily seen due to it's superb camouflage...

Friday, 7 June 2013

A Mid Week Session.....

Azure or Common Blue Damselfly 


A Resting Chough in the National Trust Car Park, The Lizard

An Un-Ringed Dancing Chough!

Probing for food.

A Small group having a chill out!!
A Eurasian Hobby on Dragonfly Patrol..

Ahhh, Lovely quick mid morning snack..

GoldCrest in the local pine forest.
This cute little Goldcrest decided to pose to the camera, thanks little man..
Joint smallest bird in Europe with the Firecrest...

Monday, 27 May 2013

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Our Local Male Badger out for Early Dinner!!

Our Local Badger decided to pop in for some early evening dinner, some of Barney's left over dog food!! Yum Yum!! At the moment the parents have two lovely young babies. Sarah and I have just witnessed all four feeding in front of us just four feet away, Amazing!!!
Cull Badgers!!! Why would you????

Saturday, 11 May 2013

RNBWS Weekend in Portland!!!



Cuckoo ( Shocking Image, but bad light, so not enough shutter )

Egyptian Goose

Great Crested Grebe

Garden Warbler

Garden Warbler
Grey Heron




Little Owl

Long Tail Tit

Common Redstart

Rock Pipit

Sandwich Tern


Swallow's Arrival at Radipole


Tufted duck





Yellow Wagtail, Distance Shot!!


These are some of the images taken from the Royal Navy bird watching weekend at Portland Bill at the end of April. Throughout the weekend we saw an array of bird species totalling 109, not bad going for three days birding..
On one day we saw in excess of 1000 Wheatears land, and the numbers were probably greater, all in all a superb weekend with some great friends.........