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Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Saturday Windy Walk on the Cliffs....

Six Spot Burnet Moth

Seven Spot Ladybird

Buff-tailed bumble bee

Red Campion, I think ??

I think its a Large Skipper!! Anybody?

Large Skipper

Atlantic Grey Bull Seal
Common Spotted Orchid


After a heavy night out in Falmouth for Pub golf with friends, Sarah and I were in much need of some fresh air.
Gale force winds were a little excessive, but despite the wind a walk was on the cards. Trying to photograph insects and flowers with high winds is not easy but i think i managed to pull off a few decent shots.

Whilst Sarah sheltered from the heavy rain shower which appeared from nowhere, I spent around twenty minutes with three seals which appeared to be having some fun fishing and chilling out; lovely!!!

The Six Spot Burnet moth is one of the few day flying moths; it is very common and found around damp meadows.  They are beautifully coloured and very patient whilst being photographed.

Is the butterfly a Large Skipper or small???

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