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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Big Stag Caught on Cam!

This illusive Red Deer Stag finally appeared on my Camera trap, you have to wait 30 seconds until he comes in from the right of the screen, have your volume turned up..

Red Deer Rutt Exmoor 2016

Whilst waiting for the Deer over the hill this unsuspecting Fox came by, quick shutter press, Fox stopped then carried on by, a lovely surprise nonetheless... 
Royal Stag 6 and 6

Thought I missed my chance but always good for a silhouette shot
Red Deer 6 and 7

A rather foggy start but took this just over a hedge alongside a single track around 0800.
Red Deer Stag 7 and 6

Royal Stag with hinds
6 and 6

Amazing size difference, a young deer born in June 16. To think one day it could be this big!

Alright Big guy, no need to shout!!!!

Another fun year on Exmoor for the Red Deer Rutt 2016. Although it's been my 10th year it gets quieter and quieter every year due to a number of factors, illegal hunting and Wildlife photographers too eager to get a photograph at the expensive of the poor Deer trying to successfully mate! Although this year my friend Nick and I managed to find some fine Red Deer Stags and Hinds away from the popular haunts, and thankfully we didn't flush them. To leave them as we find them is the way it should be.