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Friday, 16 August 2013

Just a Few from our Holiday in Cape Verde (Sal)

Not Sure!!Saw this in the sand but it was quicker than me!! Any ideas??

Cape Verde Sparrow (Female)

Cape Verde Sparrow (Male)

I think Kentish Plover?

Kentish on the run, Notice the leg ring!!

Sarah and I headed off for a weeks sun in Cape Verde, (Sal). I decided to take my camera just in case I saw anything of particular note, only until later I found out it was one of only a few islands containing few birds..
I did see a distance brown booby and a Red-Billed Tropic bird, at least i think i did, also Cape Verde Swift and Little swift.
The Cape Verde Sparrow and Cape verde swift are endemic to the Islands, so a first and possibly last for me. All in all good holiday for Sun, Sea, and all incllusive!!!!!!!!